Restaurante Buffet Libre BIG WOK, Antequera, Spain, España

Restaurante Buffet Libre BIG WOK, Antequera, Spain, España

Postby Simon » Tue Sep 06, 2011 6:48 pm

Restaurante Buffet Libre Big Wok
Cuesta Talavera s/n (Urb. Las Albarizas)
29200 Antequera
Spain (España)

Telf. 95284 31 52 - 95284 56 14


We tried out the *Wok* because we had been starved of Asian food for quite some while. And it was a very pleasant surprise. The restaurant itself was light and airy – comfortable seating and well presented tables, The staff where pleasant and attentive : the toilets clean and well maintained.
For starters there was a wide selection of hot and cold entrées , on the hot side - spring rolls,samosas, Chinese chicken wings, chicken satay and the like.
On the cold side – a number of salads, sushi, tuna, octopus, fish sticks and coleslaws.
What made this a little different was the attention to detail such as pickled ginger and wasabi.
Where the *wok* realy does well for itself is when you get to the main course : you are presented
with a large buffet bar style arrangement of choices that you take your pick from
and then take up to the cooking counter – there you are asked what sauce and how you would like
your selection cooked and it is cooked in the traditional wok right in front of your eyes.
You could chose Chinese style, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese – or if you where knowledgeable
enough – chose your own group of base ingredients to get your food cooked as you wanted
it – from hot and spicy to subtle and fragrant.

The buffet choices where exceptional and showed a real knowledge of the countries
that the cuisines represented – from giant bean-shoot slices to delicate water-lilly stalks,
as well as five types of traditional mushrooms from around the world : add those
to the more standard fayre of beef, chicken, pork , baby octopus, squid and prawns and
the like and you could create some very exotic dishes.
Another bonus was the "for the grill" selection part of the buffet, where you could opt
for a full sized steak, pork chop, tuna steak , kebabs and giant prawns to be griddled
instead of going straight to the wok – seasoned as you would like, then add any of those

to the fried rice, noodles or rice noodles and you have a great experience.
For those with a sweet tooth – a resplendent desert buffet awaits
what makes the whole experience top most other restaurants is it is a "Buffet Libre"
or open buffet – so you can go back as many times as you like until you are to full
to make it out of the door !

And at 9.90€ per head on weekdays and 11.90€ on weekends and holidays – darned good value.

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