Taberna La Chanca, Conil (Cádiz - Cadiz), Spain

Taberna La Chanca, Conil (Cádiz - Cadiz), Spain

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Taberna La Chanca Restaurant

Avda. de la Playa s/n
Conil ( Cádiz )

Telf.: 956 44 33 86

Taberna La Chanca

Plenty of Photos Here :

The Taberna was recommend to us as one of the best places to try local sourced Tuna, close to the sea front and adjoining the old Chanca de Conil building. The Taberna restaurant is near the square that contains the "Torre de Guzman" – an old battlement tower from the 16th century.

The Taberna itself is themed to reflect its close association with the local tuna fishing history : diagrams and fishing ornamentation, as well as some "precocious" relief panels decorate the interior in a pleasing way, making it feel traditional and with a hint of sleeker modernism thrown in at times.

The staff where friendly , polite, helpful, and have a dash of mischievousness as you got to know them. The food was well presented and appetising without being "full of itself" as these places can become. Medium priced – but the Tuna itself was a little on the small side for the burgeoning appetite. The Taberna is a great place to stop just for refreshment , with dining & drinking "alfresco" , which means wasting time just watching the world go by is a delight. We ended up returning time after time to take a break and rest weary feet.

What is La Chanca ?

La Chanca, situated behind the restaurant , is , without doubt one of the most important buildings in Conil.
The building consists of perimeter walls enclosing an area of 7,500 meters square. During the early Middle Ages (14th and 15th centuries) through to the "Old Reigime" (16th-17th centuries), along with the one in Zahara de los Atunes, where the most significant Almadrabas owned by the Ducal House of Medina-Sidonia.

The 'Chanca de Conil' was designed and built halfway through the 16th century. However the current building seems to be a concoction of later additions. The buildings significant because it can be regarded as the starting point of Conil de la Frontera's long association with the production, preservation and commerce in Tuna fish. The Chanca de Conil used to store all the fishing gear, boats and equipment from the time that the "Almadrada" was dismantled.

The Factory operated until the 19th centuary, and the warehouse operated until the 1960's.

It is recorded as a "Lugar de Interes Ethnologico" (Site of Ethnological Interest) in the "Catalogo General de la Patrimonio Historico Andaluz" (General catalogue of the historical Heritage of Andalusia). The Tavern is therefore closely linked and draws its inspiration from the "Chanca de Conil" and the precious "Red Tuna"

Plenty of Photos Here :
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