Café Bar Peneque, Vejer, Cádiz ( Cadiz ), Spain

Café Bar Peneque, Vejer, Cádiz ( Cadiz ), Spain

Postby Simon » Tue Sep 06, 2011 6:29 pm

Café Bar Peneque

plaza de España, 27
11150 Vejer de la Frontera (Cádiz), Spain

Telf: 956 450 209

When we decided to travel around Europe – this was exactly the sort of thing that was in the back of our minds : Sitting outside a café/restaurant in the sunshine and lazing a couple of hours away watching the world (and almost inevitably their dog) go by.

Vejer is the ideal place to do exactly that – and no place better in Vejer than café Bar Peneque.

Situated very close to the beautiful Plaza de Espana, undoubtedly one of the prettiest village squares in Spain, The bottom square of Vejar's "Old town" – The Café Bar Peneque is right next to the steps leading up to the old towns fortress walls.

The restaurant itself has a comprehensive menu, with a large selection of "Raciones" – (Tapas and other smaller dishes) for those wanting a snack, and a selection of dishes of the day. We tried a fish mix combo – served as a kebab on skewers, and the belly of pork with spicy tomato sauce. The fish combo was delightful, (And there where certainly no complaints about the Pork belly from the other side of the table !) , they where both served with home made chips and a vegetable mix "side" ; whilst the portion was not huge (this seems to be the case in most of the restaurants we have visited in this area of Spain), it was adequate. The fish was so tasty, it is the main reason we decided to include the restaurant : and it will be my chosen preference on our next visit – well worth a visit.

Photos and more details here : ... f=28&t=406
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