Mesón La judería, Lucena, Córdoba, Spain

Mesón La judería, Lucena, Córdoba, Spain

Postby Simon » Tue Sep 06, 2011 6:15 pm

Mesón La judería

Flores de Negrón, 2
4900 Lucena,
Córdoba, Spain

We decided to take a day trip on one of the hottest days in August and set our minds on going
to Lucena this involved driving away from the coast and its breezes and into towards the plains of Spain.

We entered Lucena from the "Industrial" south and headed towards the centre of town looking for lunch.
Sundays in Spain can be quite eerie – for a town the size of Lucena , to appear to be totally deserted is ,
by English standards, disconcerting.

Even the caf้s and bars in the centre appeared closed : Obviously not a Tourist destination.
Anyhow we rounded one corner of the giant church and heard voices – Tucked down a narrow side street
we could see tables and umbrellas : Life at last! In this "alleyway" – too small for a car,
two "Tabernas" faced each other and seemed to be doing a roaring trade.

Lunch beckoned and a chance to get out of the heat was a must. We pumped for the one that seemed
the least formal : the Mesón La judería, and ordered two Cokes with plenty of ice.

We where most surprised when a plate of Tapas arrived with the cokes (normally – only "Gratis "
with alcoholic drinks) The Patron and his wife(?) where extremely friendly and where game enough to spot
that we where English and prepared to risk embarrassing themselves by trying to reply to us in English
which endeared them to us immediately.

The Tapas was good enough that we decided to make a meal of it by ordering a full plate of 'mixta' –
in other words – a bit of everything they had.. The food was good – and whilst everything was not to
one or other of our tastes – there was sufficient thet we each liked to make a full meal of it.

The bar is well decorated, cozy and perfectly air conditioned and both Customers and staff friendly :
seeming really genuinely pleased to see and entertain / host us. We will be returning to Lucena
because it has a very large shopping complex – with shops we did not see in Malaga :
and the Mesón La judería will be number one on our list for eating out when we are there.

Pictures Here :
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