Área Ambroz Cafeteria & Grill (Hervás) , Spain

Área Ambroz Cafeteria & Grill (Hervás) , Spain

Postby Simon » Thu Oct 28, 2010 9:56 am

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Área Ambroz Cafeteria & Grill (Hervás) , Spain

Autovia A-66, Km. 436
10740 Aldeanueva del Camino (Cáceres)
Telf: 927 48 42 45
Fax: 927 48 42 68

Now, you would not have thought that you could have a good time in a roadside service station would you ? – well, not unless it was in the UK and you where a vandal ! - But this one proved to be very different.

A bit of History : we first arrived in Hervas in the depths of a snowy January winter, the campsite , Las Canadas had stayed open late for the stragglers to arrive , but the restaurant was now closed (after 10pm at night) – so reception directed us here. We pulled up, tired and worn out expecting the 'normal' Spanish service station type thing – rubbish on the floor and a surly attitude. But within the first minute or so we where proven wrong : Maybe it was our faltering Spanish that gave the game away, or just that we looked unlike the Lorry drivers, whatever it was, I don't know – but they took us under their wing and looked after us superbly.

All the staff bent over backwards to help us through the intricacies of the set menu : digging down deep to find a seldom used English version – (not many Brit's come this way).

The upshot was that the Food quality matched the quality of service and the price is simply delicious as well. One of our favourites is the Chicken Wings – which would go a long way to embarrass Kentucky Fried in terms of a value for money portion, and to my mind are some of the best we have ever tasted. The managers Octopus salad is another treat.

The result of this is that when we returned to Hervas in September , it was one of the first places we chose to go back and eat at. I would never have thought a 'Service Station' could be friendly, but it is – and we have now come to realise that you should not judge a book by its colours.

Thoroughly recommended !




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