Camping La Sierrecilla, Humilladero, Spain (España)

Camping La Sierrecilla, Humilladero, Spain (España)

Postby Simon » Mon Aug 22, 2011 10:48 am

Camping La Sierrecilla

Avenida de Blas Infante
29531 - Humilladero
(Málaga), Spain

Phone: 951 199 090


Update : 22/07/2011

    :idea: The campsite now has free WiFi - although at the edges you will need a good N1 WiFi reciever - G and G+ just dont cut it more than 50 yds away from the reception base station
    :idea: This is one of the ONLY campsites that accept camping cheques / discount cards 365 days a year
    :!: If you are prepared to put your hand in your pocket (cash) and are booking for 3 months - they will do you a pitch for €300 Price (correct at time of publishing) per month (2 adults and including electricity) for July, August and September - cheaper than using camping cheques , and possibly the cheapest site in southern Spain / Portugal at that time of year


On arriving at La Sierrecilla we where mindful that we had read that the camp-site was brand new and a little barren...

It is …

But that is not really the point. - its brand new – the plant life needs to mature.
We also read that " the person who designed it had obviously never been camping "

… well on that we would beg to disagree – the plots are well drained and very very flat – putting the caravan on the plot was done in one swinging manoeuvre with the car – no messing about, no back and forward , no need for a motor-mover. Wide tramways between the pitches made it a doddle : Exactly what a caravanner wants.


16amp 'lekki as standard – YES! - (oh the woes of watching what you have on on a 6amp camp-site) – brand new Toilets, showers and amenities – "Real" toilet seats and soft loo paper ! Cloths washing machines at 2€ a load (half the cost of others we have seen elsewhere).

The pitches are gravel – but that is not a problem – wiggle your awning peg about a bit (to go through the gravel) before whacking it into the earth below - and bob is an uncle again !

True – there is no supermarket on site : but since we all got there somehow (Car & Caravan, Motorhome, Bicycle) : having a supermarket approx 1km away is not really a great burden, even hoofing it is possible.


We also read that "the restaurant was over priced and poor service" … again we beg to differ : with a "Menu de dias" [three full courses @ 9€] that the chef was prepared to do for us – before the restaurant had opened – heartily feeding two weary (530km that day – or 8 plus hours in our slow old rig) travellers with a smile and a warm welcome couldn't be a more opposite impression

more details on the food and restaurant at

With Brian in charge of Reception etc – consummately helpful, brilliant English : all that we had read appears to be a bit "grumpy and nit-picking".

Yes, its new, Yes it is a bit Barren, Yes there are places where improvement could happen.


But the point is these guys have only just got their feet under the table – best to let them settle in, and this will become a very good site.

No doubt there will be more added to this comment later (we have only been here one day after all)


But so far we are very pleased.

more pictures at :

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